Led Emergency Safety Light


Light-weight construction and ability to fold to a small size makes it easy to store in your vehicle.
Driver / Passenger Side Window Clip (Stay Safe inside your vehicle)
Extends up to 21 inches beyond the window
Attaches to any Magnetic surface
Folds down to a compact size
Extremely versatile / transforms to multiple configurations
Up to 30 hours (In Flashing Mode) – AAA batteries
8 point Highly reflective tape for added visibility
FREE SHIPPING within the United States


The  Led Emergency Safety Light is an essential tool that can be used to warn other drivers in a potential hazard or breakdown situation. The  led can be magnetically mounted on the rear of your vehicle.
Highly visible led lights used to alert other drivers in on coming traffic.

The Stay safe led is a life saving product that will change the way you see the road and the way other drivers see you.


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